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Supplying commercial catering equipment to the industry


Catering Products

MSD supplies a full range of new equipment everything from handwash sinks to sous-vide ovens. If what you need isn't in our warehouse, we can secure stock from the majority of industry standard manufacturers including Arcoroc, Autonumis, ClassEQ, Dualit, Dudson, Gram, Lincat, Robot Coupe, Victorinox and others.

Feel free to browse a selection of our products below, but don't hesitate to contact us with your needs.


Ovens, Range Ovens, Pizza Ovens etc.

We supply a wide range of ovens - both electric ovens and gas ovens with stainless steel finish and in many sizes. This includes pizza grills, griddles and table top ovens.

We supply ovens from leading companies like Dualit,GRAM,Lincat

We may have various second hand ovens in stock - call or email to check.

Chiller Cabinet width=

Fridges, freezers and chiller displays

From chest freezers for the kitchen to chiller displays and large refrigerators for hotels and catering establishments.

Fridges and freezers from Autonumis, GRAM, Robot Coupe

Second hand steamers often available.


Tableware, Glassware and Cutlery

From exceptional quality forged steel chef knives to chip resistant porcelain to give your restaurant the very best quality from leading brands.

Tableware from top maufacturers and suppliers like Arcoroc, Dudson, Gram, Victorinox

Second hand kitchenware and plateware usually in stock - please call or email for details.

Water Boilers

Dishwashers, Glasswashers

Professional dishwashers to cope with all day use for your restaurant from top brands and in many sizes.

Professional dishwashers from ClassEQ, GRAM

We often get second dishwashers that are in very good condition.

Conventional Oven

Kitchen Utensils, Mixers, Blixers and pans

A great array of stainless steel pans, frying pans, Woks as well as blenders and food processors for professional use in a busy kitchen.


Catering mixers and food processors from Dualit, Gram, Robot Coupe, Arcoroc

Second hand food processors and used mixers often in stock.


Ice machines, Ice cream machines, Steamers, Drink Dispensors and Toasters

Many sizes and types of all this equipment available for your hotel or kitchen designed and manufactured to give years of smooth operation despite heavy use. Let us know your requirements and we will do our best to get you equipment your kitchen needs.

Ice cream machines and coffee makers from Autonumis, ClassEQ, GRAM, Robot Coupe

We often have second hand steamers and drink dispensers in stock. Call or email with what you are looking for.

Extractor Hood

Extraction and Ventilation

Extraction fans for cookers and large kitchens. Stainless steel extraction fans, stainless steel extraction systems. We supply from Dualit, Gram, Robot Coupe.

We supply extraction fans to hotels and the catering trade. Second hand extraction fans often in stock - many we source are nearly new.

Handwash Sink

Tables, Sinks, Trolleys, kitchen cupboards and Gastro Counters

Stainless steel tables and counters for kitchens or large sinks for a busy kitchen. We also supply display counters of many kinds from top manufacturers and suppliers like Robot Coupe and GRAM.

Second hand kitchen counters may be in stock. Call for details.

Combination Steamer

Hot Cupboards and Carvery units

For display to customers or serving in a restaurant. Stainless steel hot cupboards and carvery units as well many varieties of glass fronted display units.

Supplied from Robot Coupe and GRAM

Second hand hot display units may be in stock. Call for details.

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